Short Form Ritual

Items You Need

  • A flat surface, such as a small table, windowsill, or bookshelf.
  • A candle to represent the Hailagans, or “holy ones.” This can be an electric candle, if necessary.
  • A bowl, plate, or cup for offerings.
  • A covering for your head, such as a hat, scarf, or the hood of a hoodie.
  • Offerings for Þaibons, the other Gods, the ancestors, and the ahmans. Clean water is the most basic offering, but milk or other drinks, incense, small portions of food, and salt are also appropriate.

Before Ritual

Purify yourself by washing your hands or fumigating yourself with incense, then cover your head.



Light the candle and move it clockwise above your shrine three times, then say:

“I welcome You, Þaibons. Your fire cleanses and sanctifies.”

Give a small offering to Þaibons and say:

“Please bless today’s offerings, including this one I give to You in love and adoration.”


Greet the Gods, ancestors, and ahmans, and give thanks:

“I welcome You, Holy Gods, ancestors, and ahmans. I thank You for all the blessings and other good things You bring into my life.”

If you wish, you may speak personal prayers to the Hailagans. Use this time to connect with divinity in ways that speak to you, such as through dance, song, meditation, etc.

Give an offering to all the Hailagans and say:

“O Hailagans, please accept this offering, which I give in love and adoration.”


Spend a few moments in the presence of the Hailagans, focusing on Them, the silence, and your breathing. When you are finished, express thanks by saying:

“Thank You, Þaibons, for presiding over this ritual. Thank You, mighty Hailagans, for being with me today.”

Then bow.

After Ritual

Extinguish the candles and remove the offerings. You may dispose of the offerings in the trash or down the kitchen sink, or compost them if you are able.

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