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As a Heathen tradition, Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis is animistic and polytheistic. It acknowledges the individual personality and agency of each divine being, collectively called *Hailagans (“holy ones”). Hailagans are further categorized into various divinities such as guda (“Gods”), ahmans (“spirits”), airizans (“ancestors”), and others.

*Hailaga is a reconstructed word from the Gothic word hailags meaning “holy, sacred” + the agent marker -a.

Guda (“Gods”)

SRS identifies as Gods those Hailagans which have roles within the tradition’s mythic cycle. Many of Their names and attributes have been reconstructed from various Germanic, Scythian, Greek, Roman, and Gallic sources. SRS recognizes the influence these diverse cultures had on the neighboring and intermingled Gothic tribes, including their religious beliefs and practices.

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Ahmans (“Spirits”)

Ahma or “spirit” is a nebulous term that can describe any divinity with localized domains or spheres of influence. Among Heathens, the most commonly discussed spirits are house wights and land wights. In the context of SRS, spirits in general are called ahmans, and their spheres of influence are indicated with prefixes. For example, there are raznahmans (“house-spirits”), landahmans (“land-spirits”), and waihtiahmans (“object-spirits”).

It is important to note that despite their regionalized spheres of influence, ahmans are worthy of the same piety and reverence as guda. This is because guda are technically ahmans, just with wider influence.

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Airizans (“Ancestors”)

SRS observes two categories of ancestors: personal and mythic. Personal ancestors are those unique to each individual, whether they are related by blood or not: one’s parents, grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, mentors, teachers, career pioneers, etc. Reidarjos may honor these ancestors in home rituals and on certain holidays throughout the year.

Mythic ancestors, on the other hand, are shared by all Reidarjos. They are Gothic kings of the past, historical figures, and heroes of legend. Their deeds are sung in the Saggws Airizane (“Song of the Ancestors”), which each Reidareis learns and sings in accordance with ancient Gothic custom. The Saggws Airizane itself is not an ancient song, however; all the songs of the past are lost. Instead, it is a new song for a modern age.