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Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis (SRS) translates to “The Customs of the Riders of the Sun” in Gothic. It is a tradition of Gothic Heathenry that reconstructs and renovates the religious and civic ways of the pre-Christian Germanic peoples collectively known as the Goths.

SRS takes an approach that draws from the allodium Gothicorum — that is, the entirety of Gothic inheritance, a concept adopted from our Frankish Heathen friends at Thia Frankisk Aldsido. This means that though SRS concerns itself with the religious beliefs and practices of the pre-Christian Goths, in actuality, the whole history of the Gothic peoples informs and influences the traditions of SRS.

Through the study of history, we can understand the ways the ancient Goths thought, acted, believed, and worshiped. However, the goal of SRS is not to return to an ancient, tribal past. Armed with the knowledge of the Goths who came before, SRS aims to build a living Heathen tradition compatible with the modern world and modern people.

Gothic Heathenry is a denomination of modern Heathenry, which is a new religious movement under Contemporary Paganism. Click here to learn more about Heathenry on The Longship.