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Article I: Name and Purpose.

The name of the religious tradition will be Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis (SRS). The purpose of SRS is to:

  • Reconstruct and promote Gothic Heathenry, a modern polytheistic religion informed by the civic and religious ways of the pre-Christian Germanic peoples collectively known as the Goths;
  • Bring together likeminded people with a serious commitment to shaping the future of Sidjus Reidarje Sauilis; and
  • Provide knowledge about the worldview and culture of the ancient Goths, as well as promote the normalization of polytheistic belief systems in the modern world.

Article II: Languages.

The official languages of SRS are Gothic and Modern English.

Article III: Nondiscrimination Clause.

No persons shall be denied the opportunity to learn about Gothic Heathenry through SRS based on their race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Those eager to learn will be given the tools to do so, irrespective of origin.