Dulþs Frumareikis


Name Meaning: From the Gothic words dulþs (“feast, celebration”) and fruma (“first”) + reiks (“king”). Dulþs Frumareikis means “Feast of the First King.”
Date: The new moon of Fardimenoþs.
Deities Honored: Fairguneis.
Activities: Reidarjos honor Fairguneis on this day as the First of Kings by giving offerings to Him. Celebrants also recreate the journey of the Gods to the Black Sea by holding a procession for an icon of Fairguneis around their homes, which is the microcosm of the universe. Reidarjos bring the icon to each room and to every corner of their property, if they have one.
Offerings: Standard offerings.
Associated myth: As First of Kings, Fairguneis leads the Gods across the land on their journey to find a new home.


Listed below are some example prayers. You can choose the one you like or write your own.

Simple Prayer

I welcome You, Fairguneis, Thunderer, Highest of Gods.
As First of Kings, You lead us from drobna into tewa
and show us how to navigate our turbulent lives.
O Mighty Defender, may You lead me to places of rest.
In thanks, I give You this offering in love and adoration.

Poetic Prayer

I welcome You, Fairguneis!
O First of Kings,
chosen by Your people
to lead them from the land of death
into the land of plenty!

I welcome You, Fairguneis!
Preserver of the Worlds
and Highest of Gods!
Mighty is Your arm that
wields the axe like lightning
against Your enemies!
We seek Your timeless wisdom
and the comfort of Your presence
as we navigate the roads
of our turbulent lives.
Receive these gifts, O Fairguneis,
defender and protector,
that I freely give to You.
May You lead our weary feet
to a place of rest.

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