• Name Meaning: From the reconstructed Gothic word *friþus (“frith”) + gawidan (“to join, bind”). Friþugawidands means “Frith-Binding” or “Frith-Joining.”
  • Date: The new moon of Gastimenoþs.
  • Deities Honored: Þaibons.
  • Purpose: To emphasize the importance of hospitality and the bonds of friþus that Reidarjos have with others.
  • Offerings: Standard offerings.
  • Associated myth: Theodoric the Great accepts the refugee Rugians into his home after his enemy, Odavacer, destroyed their kingdom.

Suggested Activities

Worshipers can make a donation to a local food bank, or to a charity or cause that supports immigrants and refugees. If celebrating in a group, worshipers can also feast together to strengthen the bonds they share.


Listed below are some example prayers. You can choose the one you like or write your own.

Simple Prayer

I welcome You, Þaibons, First of Queens, Great Goddess!
You read the threads of fate that bind humanity together
and oversee the exchange between guest and host.
O Hearth-Keeper, may You lead me to safety and shelter.
In thanks, I give You this offering in love and adoration.

Poetic Prayer

I welcome You, Þaibons!
Tender of the Sacred Flame!
Great Goddess who reads
the threads of fate
that bind humanity.

I welcome You, Þaibons!
First of Queens and
Most Gracious Host,
You hold the keys to the door;
You oversee the exchange
between guest and host.
We observe Your lessons
of goodwill and hospitality,
welcoming those who are lost,
breaking bread with the hungry.
Receive these gifts, O Þaibons,
mistress of hearth and home,
that I freely give to You.
May You lead me to
safety and shelter.

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