Name Meaning: From the Gothic word fulhsni (“secrecy, concealment”).
Date: The full moon of Riqizamenoþs.
Deities Honored: Mena.
Activities: After the sun sets on this holiday, Reidarjos give offerings to Mena and participate in moon viewing, weather permitted. Celebrants also make or buy little round cakes or cookies to share with their families and friends. It is an auspicious time to perform divination and observe portents.
Offerings: Milk, mooncakes and/or moon cookies, coins.
Associated Myth: Mena helps Sauil travel into Roman lands undetected so that She can parley with those gods and prevent war from breaking out again.


Listed below are some example prayers. You can choose the one you like or write your own.

Simple Prayer

I welcome You, Mena, Master of Secrets, Keeper of Time.
Your unmatched wisdom helped Sauil in dire times
when She sought to prevent the calamity of war.
O Watcher, may Your light shine on me in the darkness.
In thanks, I give You this offering in love and adoration.

Poetic Prayer

I welcome You, Mena!
Airþa’s clever son
and brother of bright waters.
O pale-faced Watcher!
O Keeper of Time!
You see all that is hidden,
buried deep in the hearts of men.

I welcome You, Mena!
Over the boundless eons
that pass at Your command,
You bore witness to the changing face
of mankind’s destiny.
You know the secret ways, and
arm Yourself with trickery and guile,
as unpredictable as the raging sea
and as fluid as the river’s run.
We seek Your unmatched wisdom,
like fair Sauil when She wished
to avoid the calamity of war.
Receive these gifts, O Mena,
brightest star of blackest sky,
that I freely give to You.
May You guide me through
the darkness to the dawn.

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