• Name Meaning: From the Gothic words muns (“preparedness, readiness”) + nahts (“night”). Munisnahts is plural, meaning “nights of readiness.”
  • Date: 15 days beginning on the full moon of Hailagamenoþs.
  • Deities Honored: Hroda.
  • Purpose: To prepare for rebirth and renewal after treacherous times.
  • Offerings: Standard offerings.
  • Associated myth: Þaibons foresees the coming descent into chaos and asks Hroda to ride across the world to every god and Goth, to tell them to make preparations. Hroda chooses her swiftest horse and takes 15 days to carry out these instructions, completing Her mission right before the height of Gapt’s fury covers the world.

Suggested Activities

Worshipers give offerings to Hroda on the first and last days of the holiday (the full moon and the day before the dark moon). They are also encouraged to devote time and energy to cultivating their muns in preparation for the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Unlike fasts which involve abstaining from something, worshipers can instead choose a focus for the next two weeks that increases their readiness.


Listed below are some example prayers. You can choose the one you like or write your own.

Simple Prayer

I welcome You, Hroda, Battle Maiden, Glorybringer.
On the swiftest horse, You ride to every corner of the world.
You bid us sharpen our swords for the wars to come.
O Huntress, may You grant me strength when I am weak.
In thanks, I give You this offering in love and adoration.

Poetic Prayer

I welcome You, Hroda!
O Battle Maiden, O Glory-Bringer!
Yours is the keen-eyed arrow
and the piercing javelin
that bring death to
the enemies of kings.

I welcome You, Hroda!
On swiftest horse You ride,
spurred by Þaibons’ prophecies,
to bring warning to
every corner of the world.
We heed Your words,
O goddess of bow and blade,
and sharpen our swords
for the wars yet to come.
Receive these gifts, O Hroda,
fierce huntress of beasts and men,
that I freely give to You.
May You grant us strength
when we are weak.

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