Nahts Fastands


  • Name Meaning: From the Gothic words nahts (“night”) + fastan (“to keep, to hold firm”). Nahts Fastands means “Guarding Night.”
  • Date: The full moon of Gastimenoþs.
  • Deities Honored: Weilands.
  • Purpose: To petition Weilands for protection against calamitous events, such as natural disasters, life challenges, etc.
  • Offerings: Incense, standard offerings.
  • Associated myth: Theodoric the Great secures his kingship of Italy by defeating his opponent and rival, Odoacer.

Suggested Activities

Worshipers can make a protective charm for their homes by purifying a bowl of loose grain with incense smoke. The grain is then stored in a closed container and kept in a safe place indoors until the next year.

This holiday is an auspicious time to start creative projects.


Listed below are some example prayers. You can choose the one you like or write your own.

Simple Prayer

I welcome You, Weilands, Wily Workman, Master Craftsman!
We pray for Your protection against misfortune,
You who endured hardship at the hands of hated Neiþahaidus.
O Swordsmith, may You shelter me from all coming storms.
In thanks, I give You this offering in love and adoration.

Poetic Prayer

I welcome You, Weilands!
Wily workman
of wondrous arts!
Sly silvertongue
and master craftsman!

I welcome You, Weilands!
Guardian of the wretched
and the wronged!
You endured hardship
at the hands
of hated Neiþahaidus.
We know You as a sentinel,
seek the safety of Your forge,
and pray for Your protection
against all misfortune.
Receive these gifts, O Weilands,
skilled schemer and swordsmith,
that I freely give to You.
May You shelter me
from the storm.

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